Electric Projectors Screens 120″X 120″ (Inch)

KSh27,800.00 (KSh32,248.00 Incl. VAT)

The  Motorized 120″ X 120″ Electric projector Screen that is  automatic and  Remote Controlled>>

  • The White Electric Projector Screens  delivers smooth operation
  • Has a Ratio 1:1 Square format (120″ X 120″) display dimension 
  • Has a Control lever for unfolding  – depending on requirement
  • The Screen Casing  is coated with aluminium
  • The projector Screen is Rugged for deployment in most situations
  • The electric Projector Screen is made from Matte white quality fabric for sharp display
  • Black border -To provide  excellent display contrast
  • Smooth roll-down and roll-up operation
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